"Not living up to our potential is a failure for which the only person who can possibly be responsible is oneself. That's a very scary situation, isn't it? No one to blame - but yourself! So does this change how you choose to live on a moment-to-moment basis? It should." - Magatte


Qui suis-je?

I am a passionate adventurer and idealistic entrepreneur.  Born in Senegal, educated in Germany and France, I left for the U.S. as soon as I could to begin my career.  Here I've lived and worked in Silicon Valley at the height of the dotcom boom, started a beverage company that obtained national distribution at leading natural food retailers and distributors, and at its height featured former top executives from Peet's Coffee, SoBe, Odwalla, and PepsiCo.  At the same time I learned difficult life lessons and sometimes bitter realities about the American social business world.

But having loved and lost (my first husband and my first company), I am now healed and renewed in love and happily nurturing my new entrepreneurial baby.  My new husband is a co-founder of Conscious Capitalism and a leading innovative educator who is helping me to create schools in Senegal.  And my new beloved company, Tiossan, produces fantastic skin care products based on Senegalese recipes and ingredients - she will help me to finance Tiossan schools and create jobs back home.  As I've traversed the long hard road I've become a speaker on entrepreneurship, on how to create prosperity in Africa, and on how to live a life well lived.  Come visit me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or invite me to speak at your campus or company or simply enjoy Tiossan products so that we can all go build gorgeous schools near the beaches of Senegal!

Ce que j'aime

I love nothing more than learning from various cultures. As fate made it, I was fortunate to be exposed to three cultures in a major way: Senegalese, French, and American. From my culture of birth, Senegal, I learned Love, Peace and Tolerance. Senegal is a Sufi nation whose most prominent religious figure, Cheikh Amadou Bamba, was a principled advocate of non-violence in the 19th century in his fight against French colonialism, long before Gandhi. Senegal has a brilliant musical culture along with a sense of spiritual depth and human warmth and wisdom that I miss when I'm away. From the French culture, I enjoyed aesthetic experiences that influenced my taste in food, fashion, lingerie, and perfume. The French also have a sharp wit that is sometimes a refreshing break from the amazing kindness of so many Americans. American culture, on the other hand, is so optimistic, entrepreneurial, open, and welcoming that I know I could never have pursued my dreams had I only lived in France and Senegal.

When I am not building my company or on stage, speaking, I love listening to music, gardening, reading, writing, meditating, doing Pilates (or Gyrotonics) and spending time with my Beloved.

Magatte Wade - Official Bio

Magatte Wade is passionate about entrepreneurship and creating high-end retail brands based on diverse African traditions that change the perception of Africa.  She was born in Senegal, educated in France, and launched her entrepreneurial career in San Francisco.  She is fluent in, and conducts business in, Wolof, French, and English.  

Magatte is the founder and CEO of Tiossan, a high-end skin care products line based on indigenous Senegalese recipes and ingredients.  Tiossan products are distributed via www.tiossan.com, as well as through selected boutiques and Nordstrom.  Tiossan commits at least ten percent of profits to the creation of entrepreneurial schools in Senegal designed to develop the next generation of Senegalese genius.  Previously, Magatte founded Adina World Beverages, with African-inspired drinks sold throughout the United States at retailers including Whole Foods and Wegmans.  Prior to her departure from Adina, she assembled an executive team featuring a co-Founder of Odwalla, CEO of SoBe, and ex-co-Chairman of PepsiCo.

Magatte writes for The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and Barron’s.  She is a frequent speaker at business conferences and college campuses, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, MIT, Wharton, Babson, etc.  She was named a Young Global Leader by the Davos Global Economic Forum as well as one of the “20 Youngest Power Women in Africa” by Forbes in 2011.  In 2014 she was featured on the cover of Forbes Afrique for being the person in Francophone Africa having the greatest positive impact on the future. In 2014 she received the award for the "leading Woman in Wellness" from the Global SPA and Wellness Summit, the premiere international organization that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the global spa and wellness industries.  She serves on the board of ASNAPP and the SEED Academy (Sports for Education and Economic Development), a private school in Senegal that prepares young people academically and athletically so that they can win NCAA basketball scholarships in the U.S. She also serve on the Advisory Board of the Whole Planet Foundation, the private foundation of Whole Foods Market.