Spiritual Initiation better than an MBA?

I was just introduced to a beautiful book: The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit, by Joseph Chilton Pearce. The excerpts below from the book provide what I believe is a fabulous description of why I believe in my Sufi Guide.  Although the author of the book is using the example of Australian Aborigines, this is a great description of why I believe that indigenous cultures have not only wisdom, but actual mental/spiritual/cognitive capacities that have been lost in the modern world:

“Should we as a species become tone-deaf – that is, lose our capacity for tonal discrimination – we would be unable to perceive music as a sensory phenomenon or even comprehend the word music. It would be impossible for us to grasp that we had lost something if we had no neural system for experiencing that which was lost. We might at some point read of an ancient society that had once all but worshiped a phenomenon they called music, but we couldn’t explain this phenomenon outside of its own parameters of sensation because it has no metaphoric equivalents. We can’t say music is like anything. Tone, for instance, is what it is, not what it is like. And, for a tone-deaf species, music would be a useless, meaningless word without referent. If we follow this analogy, we might understand Robert Wolff’s deep frustration at trying to get across to us what the Senoi had opened him to. Indeed we have no idea of what we have lost.

A society or race that has developed a brain system involved in states of consciousness might never be comprehended or even perceived by an object-oriented brain-mind capable only of re-creating objectified things and altering nature, and , at the same time, knowing nothing of subjective internal states or experience. Such an object-oriented society might never know that some people might have nurtured and tended states of consciousness until they had evolved to astonishing heights and even become self-sustaining outside all physical aspects. Only a brain-mind that had likewise developed could comprehend and resonate with such beings.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit p.180

As I read this, I had to consider the implications of my Guide's belief that I have even stronger powers than he has - a belief that I used to consider to be unimaginable, but  now, because I trust my Guide, I trust completely is true.

The notion of "Be true to your voice," while accurate, is only the faintest shadow of the kind of capabilities we all have within us.  Once you learn to listen, really, really, deeply listen, to the deepest, truest voice within you, you will be truly extraordinary.  In my case, I guess that it is for this reason that my precious beloved Michael suggested a little while ago I spend a few years in Senegal mentoring with my Guide, rather than going to get an MBA (I had been talking about taking time off from starting up Tiossano to get an MBA).  He really was not just challenging me; he believes that for me, apprenticing with my Guide would be a much more valuable use of my time than is getting an MBA.  Now, I agree.  I see on the one hand, that getting an MBA, even from Harvard, would not teach me anything about entrepreneurship.  On the other hand, I see that many of my fears and weaknesses come from not being in touch with my deepest abilities, whereas many of my best decisions and best insights come from being in touch with that part of my being.  And now I am convinced that I myself barely know what I am capable of perceiving, and that an apprenticeship with my Guide would open up entirely new worlds of perception for me, worlds which would make me a happier, better, and more capable human being.

I honestly don't know what the right path is for each of us, but I do believe that we all have truly extraordinary abilities that are untapped within us, that are mostly contaminated with fear and anger and uncertainty and doubt and resentment and ten thousand irrelevant emotions. If we can simply transcend all the emotional crap that keeps us down, we will truly, truly be invincible and amazing and dazzling and beautiful and we will transform the world, completely, and deeply than is the case even in our wildest, most private, most ambitious, most insanely over-the-top "I am great" dreams.  So release yourselves, Gods and Goddesses, for we so need you in this world. Now!

So, spiritual initiation anyone? :)