"Hot Monogamy"

Given the fact that I do not want to promote sluttiness  or promiscuity in look, style, and behavior, I am very interested in sharing with women the secrets of using Tiossano's rituals and material on "The Origins of Sensuality" to land a good man and achieve "Hot Monogamy," a major theme these days.

For instance, see this excellent survey on sex and monogamy, with results that I've seen in many other studies, basically proving that women LOVE monogamy and prefer monogamous sex.  Note that the survey was done by Elle Magazine, the #1 fashion magazine for women.  With nearly 80,000 people responding, this is not a small sample size:

Is monogamy hot or not? For many women, the answer is “yeah, baby!” Women of all ages say they’re enjoying sex with their partner more now than they used to, according to results of the new ELLE/MSNBC.com Sex and Love Survey. For many men, however, giving up the thrill of the chase means giving up some thrills in the bedroom as well.

A record 77,895 adults took the online reader survey over two weeks in February, answering more than two dozen questions about what works and what doesn't in their sex lives. Nine out of 10 reported being in monogamous relationships.


Well worth reading the article on the survey results all the way through to get evidence on what women really want.  So if through Tiossano I can also help women keep their men happy, then maybe we will all win . . . There is a whole industry devoted to "Hot Monogamy" because both men and women want it, especially in the age of AIDS, herpes and other nasties.

This two-day training qualifies you to conduct the Hot Monogamy Program as a workshop, course, retreat, or seminar in several different forms:

•    Looking for Passion in All the Wrong Places •    Celebrating the Excitement of Marriage •    Creating Passion and Intimacy in Marriage •    Sacred Sexuality: Incorporating Deep Intimacy into Marriage •    Deepening Commitment through Love and Intimacy •    Bridge Over Troubled Water: Using Intimate Connection to Heal the Past