Real Flesh & Bones in Politics Last night after a long flight from New York to Austin and settling in the beautiful Resort we are now calling home for the next few days, my Beloved and I took care of some more business and decided to call it a day when it came to work.

We then did what we only do at hotels (not that, you sillies!). We turned the TV on so I could try and catch glimpses of  the GOP debate that just went on. I wanted to "show" Michael what I meant about Herman Cain.

I could care less about politics, I think the very game of politics is a rigged one, by definition. Most saddening is the fact that whether they are Republicans or Democrats, in the end it is the same: there must be a winner and a loser. Well I despise that and any game that feels that we must have a loser and a winner. I still believe in win-win-win. Call me crazy. In any case, this time around, i found myself really intrigued and interested in what is going on on the political scene. And I have been captivated at the rise of Perry, then his fall, then Christie's decision not to run, followed by his endorsement for Romney, now Herman Cain coming back from the depths of the system...

I have been watching indeed. And I have been wondering. Again, I am not into politics, at all. I am observing this phenomenon from the standpoint of a Senegalese born young woman who spent most her formative years in France. And beyond all of that, I am most interested in the human aspect of things, even in politics.

And when it comes to humanity in politics, I just love Herman Cain, the man. I love listening to him. I find him so funny and real. He does blink a lot :)  But he is no non sense. And I crack up whenever he says "9-9-9" plan. It is a very catchy term. He is so not your typical politician, and that is probably why he will not win (but hey, I am not an expert in these things).  He is also a man of simplicity, which is very refreshing. I just wish that more of these men and women who want to take the supreme seat would show this much authenticity and transparency. You may or may not like who he is and what he stands for, but at least he shows you who he is and what he really stands for, unlike so many others. Everyone else on this GOP list  of contenders (except maybe for Ron Paul) feels so plastic and fake (i.e Perry, Romney, Santorum), when they don't  just come across as outright slimy and shady (i.e Gingrich).

Again, I am not judging here any of Herman Cain's proposed policies or strategy, just his human contribution to the race.