A GrandMother's Advice

http://youtu.be/VhfF2Bd7xj0 "Conseil" (french word for "advice") is Youssou Ndour's new single. And I LOVE it!!!!

Youssou  just entered the Presidential Election Race for Senegal, but I will not comment on that today. All I want to do today (and doing) is dance! Once again his lyrics are full of comfort for those, who like me, vowed to live their life with Honor and Dignity in a world unfortunately currently overwhelmed with  Mediocrity and Crassness, with messages like this:

"The Truth is the only thing that should be of  interest to you

If you have something grave to say, think it through

It is worth being alone with God (meditating)

If it's money, it's not worth it

If it's something else, it's not worth it

Don't sell out your honor nor your dignity

Because everything has an end eventually..."

And he says that it is the advice his grandma gave him. Mine did too!!!! I so miss my GrandMother Arame Ngom!