World Biggest Micro-Entrepreneur: the best an African can do, really?


More here. My point is if we, Africans, want to be taken seriously in this world, we have to step up and speed up, right now. Let's establish our own standards and they better be world-class standards or more, nothing less. And let's leapfrog from there.

I encourage you to check out (and make sure to "Watch their promo"), for it is an organization that has a great understanding for sound economics. I also like that is a network of partners and people who truly understand the most basic need of ANY human being for dignity and pride, including the poor people. Then that is no wonder they support entrepreneurship as the best path to escaping poverty with superb dignity.

A Knight of a Corporation!

We can each see what we want in this news.  I want to see a beautiful and quite inspiring "Principle over Profit" case. This also goes to show how Corporations can be part of the solution with principled leaders running them. And the most satisfying part is I believe that in the long run, it will all work out for the Chinese people, Google and the world at large  for I believe the True, the Good and Noble always wins in the end. Bravo, Google!