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Magatte Wade

I'm Magatte. An entrepreneur, author, and speaker dedicated to unlocking prosperity in Africa.

Na nga def!

(“Hello” in Wolof)

How It Started

Born in Senegal and raised in France, a simple question from my childhood never left me and it went on to define my entire life...

Why are some countries poor, while others are rich? 

Magatte Wade Girl

What I've Learned

What I have learned from founding businesses in both Senegal and Silicon Valley is the key to what holds many African nations in a state of ongoing poverty: Africa has the worst business environments in the world.

How It's Going

Over the last 15 years, I’ve shared what I’ve learned with more than 10 million people through my TED talks, features on podcasts like Jordan Peterson's and Lex Fridman's, and within my book The Heart of A Cheetah.

Magatte Wade office
Magatte Wade Speaking

What I Believe

I believe the Free Markets and economic freedom is the pathway for Africa to leapfrog ahead. My ideas are grounded in reality and my lived experience as a serial entrepreneur. I am passionate speaking about the role of free markets in overcoming poverty and the role of enterprise to tackle social issues and entrepreneurial education.

What I'm Doing About It

My mission is to unlock prosperity in Africa by catalyzing entrepreneurship and innovation. There are many pathways and projects in which I'm pursuing this end, including: (1) creating media to share the blueprint of Africa's economic revolution, (2) speaking around the world to educate audiences about the myths and realities of business in Africa, and (3) working with international governments to advocate for Startup Cities (i.e. Special Economic Zones).

Join The Mission

I invite you to join me on my mission: To unlock prosperity for 2.5 billion Africans by 2050. It's a bold vision, but a bright future for Africa means a better world for everyone. 

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