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Magatte Wade Keynote Speaker


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Past Events

Magatte’s passionate TED talk left us all in awe. It was incredible.

-Chris Anderson, Head of TED

  • How can I arrange for Magatte Wade to speak at our organization?
    Contact in order to proceed with a speaking engagement. She will need to know specific information about your planned event: the date and time, the location and venue, the purpose or theme of the event, and the size and composition of the audience. Once these details are established, she will work with your organization to finalize a speaking agreement.
  • How far in advance do we need to book Magatte as a speaker?
    Magatte is in high demand as a keynote speaker, and cannot guarantee availability for all engagements. It’s best to reach out at least four to six weeks in advance of your preferred date, but she will do her best to accommodate special circumstances.
  • Will we be able to speak with Magatte before the event?
    Yes. Four to six weeks before the event, a call will be arranged with Magatte to discuss the outcome of her time with your organization. Typically, you will inform her about your organization’s current issues, goals and challenges, as well as the general makeup of the keynote audience, in order to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the experience.
  • Can we record Magatte’s presentation?
    No audio or video recording or broadcast of Magatte’s presentation is allowed without prior written approval.
  • What can Magatte do to help our organization?
    Magatte provides solutions to help organizations and team leaders create the conditions for. A blended solution is recommended: • Consulting • Board & Advisory roles • Workshops & Retreats • Inspire your team


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Magatte Wade
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