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 My Projects

Prosperous Africa

Startup Cities

I'm working with local governments throughout Africa to establish 'Startup Cities': innovation hubs that are the future of the continent, and the foundation for Africa's road to prosperity.

Cheetah Made Deck

Cheetah Made

Cheetah Made is African products, made in Africa, by Africans. Unlike traditional aid or social entrepreneurship, Cheetah Made empowers Africa by funneling capital into local economies.

Magatte Wade Show Cover

The Magatte Wade Show

On my podcast, we challenge existing narratives about Africa, debunk myths, and boldly move toward a bright and prosperous future. Includes insightful commentary on African economics, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Skin is Skin

Skin Is Skin

My most recent business, which offers premium assortment of skin & lip therapy products. The aim in creating this company was to create jobs and prosperity in my home country of Senegal.

Magatte Wade Cheetah Shirt

Cheetah Generation

This is a private group for those who care deeply about advancing the mission of a bright and prosperous future for Africa. If this is of interest, please fill out the application!

Magatte Wade Office

Tiossan Academy

I started Tiossan Academy to help Africans leapfrog ahead. I’m not interested in teaching mere survival skills, but rather the skills that are going to allow us to thrive in the 21st century global economy.

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